When I’m Not Working

I enjoy spending time in the Colorado outdoors, hiking and camping with my wife and two kids.

I also enjoy lifting, being healthy and giving back to our beautiful community.


What’s My Current Status?

Currently, I have multiple consulting gigs that I’m engaging in.

But I am looking for my next full time adventure leading at team in the Denver metro area or remote.

Why Vaughn Creative?

I believe that everyone should have their own brand to fully express their depth and creativity in the marketplace.  Vaughn Creative is the place where I get to share my expertise, journeys, storytelling, public speaking engagements and knowledge sharing.

What’s Your Management Style?

I’m glad you asked! I believe to be a successful manager, you need to have a servant mentality, lead by example and empower others to succeed. This of course comes with meeting deliverables, great client delivery and having fun along the way.

Got A Resume?

Yes, of Course. Just click on this link

Michael Vaughn’s Resume

How many times are there “Vs” or angles of “V”s on this site?

Happy Counting!! There are 134 “Vs” and “V” angles throughout the site. And these four don’t count

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