Along the Journey,

I’ve created useful tools while following best practices to help increase efficiency and project success.

Useful Tools I’ve Created

Defined Understanding Brief
Defined Understanding Brief
A Useful Tool to Keep Scope Creep at Bay
Authored in 2012, I created the DU to clearly define the who, what, where and why of the project and all UX milestones. This tool is used at every stand up to keep everyone on track.
UX Maturity Assessment Model
UX Maturity Assessment Model
Align Your Clients to the Right UX Approach
Loaded with a deep algorithm, the UX maturity assessment model informs you of where the client is currently with UX. Then, you can align the right processes to engage with them. The tool is currently in the lab. It's release date is scheduled for 3rd Q 2017.
UX Maverick
UX Maverick
A New Role in the UX Field to Align Resources Well to the Right Project
Launched in the Fall of 2015 at Big Design, the UX Maverick combines a deep cross functional knowledge of another discipline with UX chops to crush UX projects!

Best Practice Processes

In every project, I follow an agile approach to the process collaborating with marketing, product and development along the way. 

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